Flaskpost 27/4

Flaskpost 27/4

April 27, 2012 Posted by Johan Toresson - No Comments

Hey there.

It’s Friday and time for a new Flaskpost. Work is going along pretty good. As far as the Mailstorm work goes I made another intro sequence.

I preferred the intro I made last week. So going to mess around with that one some more and try to smooth it out a bit.

This weekend we will have some company bonding time by exploring the Swedish wastelands in the pen and paper role playing game: Mutant – Undergångens Arvtagare. I’m playing a half insane psychic mailman,  Mario is playing a former cop and an overall good guy and Liselott is playing a bounty hunter bird mutant. Also joining us is Sebastian, from Noumenon games, who is playing a robot that wants to murder everything. It should be a fun little adventure we’re going on

Until next week, have a great time.