February 11, 2012 Posted by Johan Toresson - No Comments

Ahoy mateys!
Time for this weeks Flaskpost, and time to review some of the important and interesting things that have occurred since last time. First and most importantly, we are closing in on our current project for Blekinge Institute of Technology! Yesterday we pulled some playtesting muscle from our friends across the room, 12oClock. They are currently housing two interns from a local high school who both made extraordinary test subjects. Besides being sharp and having a eye for detail, they also fit the games intended audience.

We have been picking up SoulCalibur V here at Gameport, we have decided that everyone in the building should have at least one custom character. That way it will feel that much more personal when one gets beat up by our in house SoulCalibur sensei Felix, at Noumenon Games.

Also, we hope you notice our webpage got itself a facelift, we thought – keep it simple stupid =)

Have a good one until next time!